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Root canal work is often thought of as the one dental procedure people fear the most, but a majority of the hype is simply untrue. Commonly referred to as endodontic treatment, root canal therapy involves the complete removal of pulp that has become infected, injured, or killed as a result of bacterial decay and/or disease. Scotts Valley Dental Wellness have performed thousands of endodontic treatments on its patients, and with proper training, experience and utilizing modern equipments, we fix your infected root canal for life in no-time.

If detected early enough, tooth decay can be corrected with a small composite filling. However, when decay and infection spread beyond the outer layers of the teeth and invade the pulp and root, a more advanced endodontic solution, like a root canal may be required.

You may need a root canal if your teeth:

  • Are very sensitive to hot and cold
  • Hurt when chewing, especially on one side of the mouth
  • Have been chipped or fractured

How Root Canals Work

  1. Using high-tech minimally-invasive techniques, all decay is removed.
  2. You’ll be fitted for a temporary crown and a dental technician will craft the permanent crown.
  3. When the permanent crown is finished, we’ll install it and your root canal will be complete.

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